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The Sprout Recital

Oct. 19th, 2017, 4pm EST

Before the tall oaks could kiss the clouds,
Before their roots ever entered the earth's womb,
They were all just little sprouts,
Shorter than a flower's bloom.

Every musician has an origin story, the first time they took a step into the spotlights of center stage and played their hearts to the world.

This October, my origin story begins.

I will step into the spotlight to share with you original songs of my life untold and it's buried secrets.

With a little help from...

Oaks need the softness of sunlight and the kindness of rain before they sprout. Me? I need my friends.

On stage with me you will listen to (in order of score notation):

Off stage, wonderful and kind, are my friends, rooting for me from the crowd and behind computer screens across the globe. You will recognize them by their shine, they are all bright souls.

With sepcial thanks to The Berklee College Of Music.

And Me

My name is Boaz Segev, which is a jaw breaker of a name, so people call me Bo.

I'm as Wild as a summer breeze on winter shores - uncultivated and kind.

Extra Credits

The teaser song you're listening to was recorded with Hinako Sato (Piano), Yoshihi Yamada (Bass) and Renato Milone (Drums).

During the recital, I will probably perform the song "Nightmare", co-written with Alec (William) Simpson.

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