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Your Style

I believe we all have our own unique voice and style, our own unique expression.

Let's find yours.

Your Sound

Music production is half science and half art. Also, from my experience, there's always a little dance we do at the beginning as we get to know each other and I learn more about your voice and your vision.

I was lucky enough to have amazing teachers to help me discover both the science and the art behind music production and composition. I owe much of my knowledge to amazing people such as Loudon Stearns, Chrissy Tignor Fisher, Lee Abe, Simone Scazzocchio, Mark Poniatowski and many more amazing teachers.

However, my greatest teacher will be you. As we explore your voice and discover the sound you want, we will embark on a journey together where we both learn more about how we are and how we've grown.

You Journey

My hope is that the song we produce together will be a song that expresses your growth as a musician and an artist.

I don't want to repeat what you did for your last album, I want to help you take your next step in your journey in a way that is authentic and true to your own voice.

Your Roots

Before we can start exploring your next step as an artist, I will need to learn more about the artist you are, your inspirations, the music of your youth, your past albums and favorite songs.

I will ask that you send me a playlist of the songs that inspired you. This can be anything, from Beatles to Metallica or anything in between.

My intention isn't just to learn who you are right now.

My I wish is to look at the arc of your journey as an artist so the production is custom tailored to your growing voice and vision.

It's a wonderful thing to start close to an artist you love and learn from them (I wrote this one as a Beatles influenced song), but it's important to me to write something that grows beyond your beginnings into the artist you are becoming.


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