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There is something very intimate about writing a song.

I was lucky and privileged enough to spend a few years learning with amazing teachers and songwriting masters such as Pat Pattison, Susan Cattaneo, Ben Camp, Scarlet Keys and many more that I hold dear and close to my heart.

I am thrilled to be the humble vessel through which their knowledge and tools can be shared during our time together.

These amazing ideas and tools offer a wonderful opportunity to improve your lyrics and melody and to help the telling of your story.

I will never force my opinions - after all, I'm here to serve your vision. However, I am very happy to share these tools with you.


The following are some rough demos for songs I enjoyed writing.

I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Hunger and Need

Some stories are hard to talk about, but, somehow, they leak into my music and come out in song.

This song is dedicated to all the people out there who want to overcome their own misfortune through their own effort, and to the people watching from the sideline wishing they could help.

Hunger and Need (a Smile at a Time) / Me

Guitar: Weijun Yang

Drums: Taiki Miyazawa

Percussion, Piano, Vocals: Bo Wild


She cooks for me with flames of passion,

She knows just what I need to taste,

Truth is hard to swallow,

I taste the price of our disgrace.


To save our hearts I sell for dollars

My slice of life per day and night

Even god can't save me

If other men can steal her light


From the shadows I watch her dance,

She’s not dancing for me


Selling our souls, a smile at a time

She suffers it all, a smile at a time

I'm losing my mind, a smile at a time

A slave to my hunger and need


With every breathe she's loosing thunder

Her laughing eyes are turning gray

I'm losing all I ever wanted

I cry as she slips away


From the shadows I watch her dance,

She’s not dancing for me


Selling our souls, a smile at a time

She suffers it all, a smile at a time

I'm losing my mind, a smile at a time

A slave to my hunger and need


I blame the skies and curse the heavens,

Their judgment cruel with righteous pride

They judge the way she sold her body,

But I’m the one who can’t provide

Yes, I’m the one who can’t provide


Selling our souls, a smile at a time

She suffers it all, a smile at a time

I'm losing my mind, a smile at a time

A slave to my hunger

It's taking it's toll, a smile at a time

A dollar and pole, a smile at a time

She's breaking my heart, a smile at a time

A slave to my hunger and need

A slave to my hunger and need

It's Me

For years I was in love with a girl who couldn't care enough to acknowledge my existence. I was 6 years old when she stole my heart and more than 13 years old before I reclaimed it.

I think we all go through that at some point in our lives. I just had to do it more than once... High school was much the same with a different girl and my adult life took a while to improve.

I was luck enough to analyze the works of the Beatles and their amazing songwriting skills with Prof. Suzanne Clark.

During our work, I wrote this song inspired by my own story and some of the techniques employed by John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

It's Me / Me


I guess it’s true,

what they all said,

He wasn’t true, he made you sad

But don’t you know there’s someone

that you can always count on

Oh don’t you know? It's me.


So many years I loved you, but I never said

These hopes and fears inside me, and all the tears I shed

Oh, all this time together

And still you don’t know better

How don’t you know? It's me. It's ...


Me that hears your cries, in the silence of the night

I share your sighs, your lows, your highs

and you should know,

I loved you, since I met you, on that night in New Years Eve,

This love will never fade or leave


This love, this love, this love, this love

This love will never die


The day will come and you will see,

That this old heart is all you need

One day we'll be together

And things will just get better

The day you'll know, it's me.

Turned Gray

I love animation movies, like Finding Nemo and Toy Story. I don't know what it is, but somehow the adult in me is torn be these little stories.

And the opening of the film Up was one I couldn't easily let go of... and this is how this song was born.

Turned Gray / Me


Small broken dreams, we left by the stream,

With our childhood and younger days

Promises made, were stolen away,

Time flowing on it’s way

By time twisting years that stray.

Sitting right here, as days turn to years,

I wonder you never say,

That all the dreams we promised, turned gray


Holding our hands, through decades that bend

I still have so much to say

Our old childhood dreams, are torn at the seams

I doubt if we'll see them one day

Worn kitchen chairs, slumped wooden stairs,

Consumed by an old routine.


On slow afternoons at home (Home with you)

Curled by the TV screen (You’re in my arms)

It's better than any dream or adventure I'd known,



Christmas tree lights, still shining bright,

We bought them so long ago

You gift me this book, of peter and hook

Wrapped in your love and a bow

Though we grow old, walking this road

Please know that for me it's okay

That all the dreams we promised, turned gray

Lost Soul

Lost Soul is one I am quietly in love with. There's a million songs about "boy meets girl at bar and never sees here again", but this story is my story, which makes it a bit more personal... at least for me.

Lost Soul / Me


She stood in the spotlight, with an old stained guitar

Teasing a song

as I watched from the bar

She was clouds on the horizon,

Trouble on the breeze

And she had me

on my knees


She was a lost soul

Shouldn’t give my heart

Knew it from the start

She was a lost soul

Lost soul

Lost Soul


Her shattered breath

Went under my guard

With her soft voice

She hit me quite hard

She was the cry of thunder drums

Lightning on high seas

And she had me

on my knees


She was a lost soul...


I had this need to save her,

Saving her just might save me,

But I heard it in that moment,

in her graceful movement,

I knew that it could never be


She was a lost soul...


She broke my heart

And left me that night

It's been a while

But I still crave her light

She was summer dream in winter

A kiss of fire as I freeze

And she had me

on my knees


She was a lost soul...

Morning Sunshine

Some songs I never got to record properly... but when I have some free time, I would love to take them back in to the studio and make a proper demo.

Morning Sunshine is definitely one of the songs I want to record.

It's sweet and honest and I wrote it during one of those magical moods when I was beginning to fall in love, just before loosing my balance and crashing.

Anyway, I even have a score, ready for when I can record it.

Morning Sunshine / Me


Sunday morning,

we’re still in bed

I hear her mumble

Her curls all tumble on my chest

If I'm dreaming? (is he dreaming?)

If she’s not here

Oh morning sunshine, (morning sun_shine)

please disappear


If she wakes up

Oh, if she leaves

I’ll be lonely (so lonely___)

Oh, I would plainly lose my mind

Now she’s sleeping,

So don’t come near,

Oh morning sunshine, (oh ooo___)

please disappear (disappear)


Before I met her

My nights were always blue

Empty evenings,

Each time with someone new

The day I met her

She stole away my heart

I damn the daytime

That's keeping us apart


Monday morning,

I’m off to work

She said she’ll meet me (oh yeah)

I’ll pick her up right after dark

I can’t wait, no

To see my dear (at night together)

Oh morning sunshine,

please disappear


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